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ASUFORA This awsome website is is worth visiting. It's contenthas bwwn compiled by the Chief Investigator with the Anglo Scottish UFO Research Agency(ASUFORA), Lee Close. Lee and his team are based in Scotland where they have been investigating UFO Sighting reports, Abduction cases, recent reports of Crop Circle activity and Big Cat Sightings. Great job Lee!
UFO Facts Group - Dr. Richard Boylan Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
DARKER REALMS THE SECRET KEEPERS Insider Disclosures On UFO's, Aliens, Black Budget Projects, Mind Control Technologies, Genetic Enhancements, Grey Clones Manufactured in Secret Bases, Super Stealth Technologies, The Alien Agenda and More..........
REPORTS - Dr. Richard Boylan Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
The WHY Files The aim of The WHY? FILES is to present a comprehensive overview of UFOlogy and associated subjects in a concise, accurate and factual manner. However, this site will not avoid being contentious or expressing views that others may not agree with. The WHY? FILES are easy to navigate and quick to respond - we hope you find your visit is informative yet enjoyable.
UFO Investigations After more than five years of serious nons"top", coast to coast investigations, I've decided to take the time to evaluate a mountain of information, photos and video footage while at the same time sharing it with you and others like you who are searching for the truth about the UFO Phenomenon. We all have our own views, opinions and convictions regarding Alien visitation and Alien, Human contact, better known as abductions.
UFO Tracker 2003 Are we so arrogant to believe we are alone in the universe? On this site some rather provocative concepts will be presented.

UFO Tracker 2003 is a site dedicated to the insights of a single mind. My name is David Edwards, 56 years old and have been obsessed with the subject of UFO's and Alien abductions since I was a kid. Having entered the Twenty First Century we are no more closer to solving this mystery then when it first popped its ugly head in Roswell New Mexico, in 1947.
TTAUV Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups
GLASGOW UFO RESEARCH ORGANISATION(GUFORO) Glasgow UFO Research Organization are a new group formed to research the UFO phenomenon and related area's of the Paranormal. We collect information and sighting reports, Investigate and analyse reports and liason with other UFO Research Groups, schools, colleges and other institutions as well as keeping the public informed.
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research and Education Did you know that over 72 per cent of the American Public believes the United States Government is covering up UFO Information. Through Sites, such as these, you can now learn the truths that government hasn't been telling you about. Through the pages of Burlington News Ufo and Paranormal you will now be able to report a UFO, view the UFO database, see UFO pictures, listen and watch UFO videos and audio documentaries and you can even shop for UFO merchandise.
The Evolution of InterStellar Travel It is impossible to get to the stars in any reasonable length of time by any means known to physics. Lawrence Krauss proved that in his careful analysis of The Physics of Startrek. He has done all the calculations, demonstrating the absurdity of everything about Startrek. Reputable scientists already know this. That, curiously enough, is why they ignore the evidence for UFOs, since there is no room in their worldview for anything but physics.
UFO Disclosure Support Banners Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
UFO Casebook Come and have your say. It is free to register your nickname, and join the boards here at the UFO Casebook. It's all about UFOs and Aliens.
Pages of Judith Hedden The crop circle formation appearing near Winchester in the Uk on August 15th. 2002 at crab hill has , in my estimation
Gary W. Murning Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
CEICOP-SSUPIC Strategic Scientific Ufo and Paranormal Investigation Commando
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