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Spooky Hill Paranormal Group Join us in our quest for the truth about the world around us. Mysterious places, The unknown and unexplained. If you like to be scared stiff, join us as we explore the world of the unknown.
BARBELO Paranormal Research Site about strangeness, unexplained events, UFOs, and perhaps something you can relate to. Visit our site for more about us.
IUFOPRA [UFO Site in Ireland] IUFOPRA (Irish UFO & Paranormal Research Asociation) P. J. Delaney & A. Griffin (Founders) Kathy A. Crinion (Paranormal researcher) Together this
team have filed some of Irelands most interesting cases!
World Action Investigations When the end of the age is near, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies... as a warning that we must reform, and telling us that people of all colour must unite and arise, and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas. Unless man-made weapons are used to strike first, peace will then come.
UFO Database A very established UFO reporting center with an extensive database containing a majority of sightings reported on the internet over the years. We recommend this sight for UFO Investigators and Researchers as a field of study and reference.
UFOs Over Phoenix Find never before seen, day and night time footage of ufos over Phoenix, AZ. Jeff Willes (ufo researcher) will show you real evidence of the flap in the Phoenix area.
Eagles Disobey Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
Secret of the Saucers This Website is dedicated to Paul Villa (inset above)and his UFO photo's from the 60's,...To Orfeo Angelucci, another fascinating Contactee of the fifties.. And to Paul Bennewitz, a dedicated scientist & researcher & his Dulce Base UFO Photo.. This craft landed in New Mexico in the 60's. Some of the human appearing occupants walked off the ship and conversed with Paul Villa for over an hour, and told Paul there were over nine different visiting races from other worlds on board.
End Secrecy List Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
Project Prove Courtesy of NASA.... Jeff Challender has invested countless hours sifting through 1,000s of video segments via NASAs space channel. What Jeff has accomplished in finding is to say the least, Fascinating!
Chemtrails Central Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
ALIENS & UFOs AMONG US Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
Mr. Michele Bugliaro - "rockabilly" The word "ufology" is made of UFO and logos. It's used to describe the study of UFOs, mostly leaded by single people or by private centres. A ufologist is a researcher who studies the UFO phenomena.
UFO Watch Tower Have you ever wondered what a real UFO looks like? Have you ever wondered if there is life on other planets? Judy Messoline of Hooper, Colorado, has wondered the same thing.
T.A.P.T.E.N. RESEARCH Foundation Intl. T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their research in the exploration of Time~Travel, Gravity Displacement, Unified Field Inertia and Electrostatic Propulsion.
The Antares Scientific Network The ASN / Antares Scientific Network is an organization owning and operating a network of online information centers for matters related to science, culture, arts and science-fiction.
Cosmos Space News member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks
Star*Net Internet Charter member and supporting website of the UFO Groups Networks

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