What about the UFO Groups Network?

Do we have an agenda? Yes! An agenda for all of us! But without you, we have nothing

The UFO Groups Network may not appear to look any different than the 1,000s of other UFO groups, websites or newsletters on the net, but it's agenda is in a sense unique and it's goals are set at a ridiculously high level. We have been preparing a campaign that in a nut shell intends on reaching people in staggering numbers from every corner of the planet. An extensive survey has confirmed that 80% of the worlds population do not have any idea that UFOs are actually real. The information that we take for granted everyday, would literally be a traumatic realization to about a billion people on our planet. The Network's main objective is to reach the general public and to capture their attention and interest. We want to initiate a chain reaction, on a global scale and it can be done. We have recently acquired state of the art submission software, capable of submitting an unlimited number of domains to over 800,000 search engines, discussion groups, FFA sites and classified ad sites. We are going to saturate the internet with our websites, newsletters and groups in an extremely aggressive manner. We are going to make our presence known to colleges, Universities, religious institutions, and the business sector. This first wave, as intense as it may sound will only be the beginning. What we are all involved in is the most significant movement to be made in the history of mankind. You may be asking yourself, what difference is all of this going to make? The fact is that I have not forgotten what rules our planet, is it us, or is it the people that we elect to see to the needs of the people. I don't ever recall giving my consent to be lied to, deceived by, or to be spoon fed the truth when I ask for it. How many of us know that we are consistantly told lies by our own government? Now, how many people do you think that there are who have NO Idea that they are being told the same lies? How long do you think that the lies would continue, if just 50% of the population became aware of the lies and manipulation that surrounds their lives everyday? If you see where I'm coming from, then you have only one choice to make, the choice to make a difference. The people who toy with our lives are nothing more that a small group of flesh and blood who have only one real advantage. They can deceive a nation because they can afford it! It's all about money. Expose them on a global scale and you will have world peace and human rights the way that they were originally intended to be. Together we can make a difference, so let's make it happen, it's our right.
Your UFO Groups Network Staff

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