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UFO Pro UFO Investigations, Alien Abductions and Paranormal Research. We are an active group with highly experienced members who are always willing to help others.
TAPTEN RESEARCH Foundation Intl. T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their research in the exploration of Time~Travel, Gravity Displacement, Unified Field Inertia and; Electrostatic Propulsion.
SKY Open A Free mailing list for Skywatch International Inc's members worldwide. Skywatch is the largest internet based UFO research group in the world. Skywatch is a non-profit research group based in Texas, USA.
The "W" Files The state of Wisconsin has more than its share of paranormal activity from UFO sightings to ghosts and hauntings to bigfoot reports. Join this list to read about and share these paranormal stories.
The WORLD SPACE Organization This is "NOT" Status Quo, nor are we close minded. If you are Seriously interested in Getting the Moon colonized one day in Mankinds/Womankinds future, This is the place to be.
MC of RTU This group was created solely for the purpose of giving moderators who want to work together, the chance to make progress on many political, scientific, social, religious, philosophical, ethical, spiritual.
BLACK Triangle Enthusiasts of Military Aviation, Secret Black Projects, UFO's, and other flying Phenomena! We study reports of sightings, information, rumors, conspiracies, other Interesting and theories.
Abduction Forum Do you wake up to the terror of having been "abducted" by aliens? Do you have the "feeling" that you have been abducted by aliens? Do you have "missing time" episodes? Your not alone.
Ears 2 Hear The Bible has been around for years, but reading it now, in the light of the current world situation and our knowledge of UFOs, helps shed a new kind of understanding on its content.
AUFON AMERICAN UFO NEWs 24/7 newswire of UFO Sightings. You will also get the AUFON Weekly and updates of the Stefan Duncan Show.
IUFOPRA My name is Kathy A. Crinion A.I., I am paranormal investigator & acting PRO for IUFOPRA (Irish UFO & Paranormal Research Association)This club is designed for all those who are interested in this subject,maybe you've had an experience, or are simply looking for people with the same interests.
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