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AMYSTRANGE The Unexplained, the weird, the wild, the paranormal, the Loch Ness monster, werewolves, ghost, Sasquatch, UFOs, and of course, all other kind of unsolved mysteries, monsters, and other anomalies.
Area51 Command Center This community has been formed to help each other out in a common goal, the search for the truth. Many outlets are here to help make your search easier, so join today!
Alien Abductees Do you think that you've been "abducted"? Well, you're not alone. Our forum is for those who wish to discuss their thoughts ideas, fears and experiences without ridicule.
Dreaman UFO the United States UFO Information and Research Center's primary website, events and meetings, and publication dates for the Center's official publication - The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL.
In the SHADOWS The latest on new techno-medico-environo stuff, conspiracy theories, politics, and of course, UFOs. Discussion is encouraged.
AA-SPRC2 Welcome to Shadowland Paranormal Research Center. A group dedicated to paranormal with a nice taste of conspiracies and politics(democrates).
California Chemtrails California Chemtrail activity has been increasing at an Alarming rate. See Photos and Post comments on Local Area Sightings. Read the latest News on Activity.
Americana Forteana The American chapter of the Universal Fortean movement. In short, we like the strange stuff that America has to offer. Folks from other Planets (and Countries) and Alternate and/ or Parallel Universes and/or Worlds are all encouraged to join.
MC of RTU This group was created solely for the purpose of giving moderators who want to work together, the chance to make progress on many political, scientific, social, religious, philosophical, ethical, spiritual, and other important fronts.
Winter Steel Paranormal Newsletter . The WinterSteel Paranormal Information and Stories Site was created on 1 October, 2001, as the culmination of over 18 years of Investigation and research into the Paranormal.
UFO Newswire Here on the inside pages you may read all the opinions and news reports brought to you by myself and members. If you would like to express your opinions as well, just sign up for membership and you can immediately start posting.
UFO Newswire This group is about UFOs, their occupants (ETs), space exploration and the paranormal. We frequently get the latest news and reports on these subjects and quickly pass it on to our subscribers. If you would like to join us, please don't hesitate! Registration takes only a moment, just send an e-mail to
~VISITED~ We discuss everything from A-Z. Alien abductions to Zoological finds. A place to vent and to relax and a place to give and receive information. You could get connected with the information you seek or wish to give out.
Para-Discuss UFO Groups Network Founding Member.
UFOs-Unbound UFO Groups Network Founding Member.
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