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Part III of My True Experiences

On September 6th, 1997, For no reason, My girlfriend Tina totally changed. She was my best friend and someone I trusted and believed in 110%. We were at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, Ca. and with no warning or notice she left on the morning of September 6th, in a mind boggling way. I was devistated and thoroughly confused. I drove back to Los Angeles to a good friends house where I stayed for two weeks. I tried calling Tina's mothers house but who ever answered the phone would call me names and tell me not to call again! I couldn't make any sense of anything, Tina was my best friend, I adored her and she told me that she adored me almost daily! I was an emotional basket case. After several days of trying to make sense of what had happened, I decided that I would start going through the hundreds and hundreds of hours of video footage that Tina and I had taken during the six weeks prior. Just before she left, we had managed contacting and setting up an appointment with Paul Davids, Producer of the Movie "ROSWELL" and UFO Investigator on September 15th. We were going to show him some of our awesome footage. On the 9th of September while I was cataloging my footage, I discovered a 26 minute piece of footage that I never even knew existed. I recognized that the footage was shot at the Residence Inn in Anaheim Ca. and it was stamp dated "08/28/97 04:38 am". It was Tina doing the filming by herself, upstairs in the dark. She was speaking, almost chanting in a low voice as she filmed a ball of light moving through the trees and then coming right up to the camera. After about a minute there was a loud bang and the camcorder skips 0:01.33 which means that the camcorder was turned off for that long. Now the window is wide open that she is filming out of and the ball of light is gone. As I sat there watching the footage I was literally floored. It actually scared the Hell out of me! I shouted out to my friends Jim and Sharon to come quickly and see what I had found. They were almost as stunned as I was. I transferred the film segment onto a VHS tape and continued searching through my VHSC and 8mm tapes hoping to find other footage that I was unaware of. During the next few days I became completely overwhelmed as I found three other pieces that were shot by Tina while she was alone in three different Hotel rooms and in three different cities. Two of the pieces were shot in broad daylight and are quite conclusive. So I now had four mysterious film segments that were taken 100s of miles apart from each other of what appears to be the same object or objects. The first was shot of course in Anaheim on the 28th of August. The second unbelievable piece of footage was in Ventura Ca. at the Marina Hotel on September 1st. The third was at the Embassy Suites Hotel at South San Francisco Airport on the 3rd of September, and The fourth and most compelling piece of footage was taken at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara Ca. on September 5th, 1997. Tina left me the following morning under circumstances that left me in utter shock. After watching these segments about 1,000 times, there is one thing that I am absolutely certain about! We had been followed or tracked by something of either paranormal or alien origin for at least six weeks. The footage that I found tells me that Tina was being visited up-close by something that defies any conventional explanation. It is my belief that these strange objects were sent by God only knows what or who to disrupt or interfere with our intense search for UFOs. Whatever their purpose, the bottom line was that my best friend was in trouble and that I was somehow responsible. I had no experience or understanding about UFOs or alien abductions so I needed to find some help. But who? And how would go about explaining the unbelievable circumstances surrounding our situation? Who was going to believe that Aliens or what ever they are were responsible for Tina becoming a completely cold, evil, deceiptful person. I was sure at the time that the video footage I had would be more than enough to get some real help. I would soon learn that nobody cares and if I was going to do anything about what was happening, I was going to have to do it alone. So, I packed up the car and started my journey from Los Angeles to Orlando Florida. Little did I know that I was literally going on a journey into the "Twilight Zone"!

On my way to Florida, I stopped by the old Village Labs Building in Tempe to talk with Jim Dilettoso. I want you to know that Over the past 3 years Jim has been one of the few people who has found the time to help me when he could, he is truly a man to be respected and listened to. Jim arranged for me to meet with a noted UFO Investigator, "Robert (Bob) Dean" at his home in Tucson Arizona. When I got to Tucson I called Bob to set a time for me to stop by hs house. Bob informed me that he had invited his good friend "Wendel Stevens" (Also well known UFO Investigator) over to meet me. After leaving Bobs house I came to the conclusion that I had a lot to learn about UFOs.
I continued on my journey towards Orlando meeting with many UFO Investigators, Psychics, Paranormal researchers, and even a Priest on the way. It was quite a crash course in UFO Investigations. Meeting so many well known UFO investigators and researchers whom I had seen on many T.V. programs many times in the past was a unique and exciting experience for me. When I arrived in Florida, my only intentions were to find out why Tina had left the way she did and to make sure that she was O.K. The day before I had finally gotten her mother to speak with me on the phone. Every time that I had called previously, her mother would just call me a "piece of shit, son of a bitch, then hang up on me. I pleaded with her mother that I never did anything bad to Tina and that she had to listen to me and see the videotape because her daughter's well being might be in danger. She said she would think about it. Well, what happened next and during the following five weeks was a living nightmare for me. The most compassionate, caring, honest person that was with me for over a year had become the most evil, cruelest person I'd ever known. Her mother was a worker in a bakery and Tina never made it past the eighth grade, but yet I was out smarted everywher I turned. They manipulated the local Police, (Both Officers & Detectives) The County Court, (Including a highly respected Judge) and the manager of my storage in Montana who I ended up sueing for $3,000.00 for allowing Tina and her mother into my storage when I had already told the manager that she was not allowed access to my storage. Without an attorney, I won the case and was paid the $3,000.00 from the Storage Co. but Tina and her Mother got away with unspeakable acts against me including about $10,000.00 worth of merchandise that they took out of my car at 2:00am with a police officer standing by. Tina had presented altered receipts to the poice to justify her taking my things. When I produced the original receipts sent to me with statements from the managers of the stores where I bought the items this proved without a doubt that she had committed a blatant act of Fraud. She had given the Police Department falsified documents and lied about ownership of the merchandise to the Police! In a nut shell, Tina used the Orlando Police dept. to steal from me! Well, the cops didn't arrest her, they didn't even retrieve by belongings, but to my total disbelief, they referred me to file a lawsuit in Civil Court!!! Everything that happened in Orlando has been documented and I have stacks of paperwork which easily validates my story. I filed in Civil Court which cost me $600.00 in filing fees etc., what else could I do? While waiting for the court date I contacted the Orlando chapter of M.U.F.O.N. (The Mutual UFO Network) in Daytona Beach. They responded quickly and came as a group to talk with me and to see some of my video footage. They were all amazed by my story and film. They also called their group CE-4, meaning "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind". They are very wonderful sincere people who I owe a debt of gratitude to. They truly believe that the whole UFO phenomenon is not aliens from other worlds but Satan and his Demons manifesting themselves as UFOs, Aliens, or Space Brothers. I have never ruled their theory out as a possibility. I actually had two court appearances while in Orlando. The first court appearance was to dispute a temporary injunction (restraining order) that Tina and her mother had filed the day before they found out which Hotel I was at and took everything from my car.
In the courtroom the judge would read the name of each defendant and the charges that were made against them. Then he would ask the individual if he wanted to dispute the case before the injunction would be made permanent. When the Judge got to me, I couldn't believe it when he read the accusations against me. The following is what she had accused me of doing to her.

She stated that during the last months that she was with me;

I held her prisoner and did not allow her any phone calls!
That I shot at her with my 12 guage shotgun in the mountains!
I raped her constantly!
I starved her by not giving her a single thing to eat for almost a month!
I made her do pornographic videos!
I would wake her in the middle of the night and drag her out of bed and across the floor by her hair into the kitchen and order her to make me something to eat!
I threw her over the balcony from our fifth floor hotel room!
I poisoned her!
I beat her bloody every couple of hours!

The judge pause looked at me and asked if he should continue reading the accusations against me. Then he asked me again if I really wanted to dispute case. If I did not dispute the case, I would never again be able to talk to Tina, and she was the one person who had the answers about what she had filmed. I decided to try and keep the Judge from ordering the permanent injunction. When I responded that I absolutely wanted to dispute the injunction, the courtroom got noisy and the Judge looked at me like I was crazy. He stressed the fact that if I did not dispute the injunction that no legal action or criminal charges would be filed and that it would not go on my criminal record. I simply would not be allowed any contact with Tina forever. I told the judge that I would be admitting to something that I never did and that I couldn't do that. The judge said that Tina and I would meet in his chambers at recess to settle the case.

(That would be the first time that I had looked Tina in the face since she left in Santa Clara and it would be the last time that I would ever her) I was arguing with the judge that I had "Never" abused Tina, and that I had conclusive proof of it. The judge never even opened the file folder that gave him to look at. He kept saying that the bottom line was that she did not want to see me anymore, so why not just go back to the west coast and forget about her. I insisted several times that if Tina would look at me and tell me that herself, then I would leave and never come back. Finally, Tina turned and looked me in the eye and said, "Leave me alone, I don't ever want to see you again" then she quickly turned away again. I will never forget what I saw in her eyes! I know this sounds crazy but the eyes I looked into for those few seconds were not Tina. I felt like someone was ripping my heart out! Here I was in the Judges chambers with Tina sitting across from me, and even though I knew that something had attached itself to her or was controlling her, there wasn't one single damn thing that I could do about it. It's now 3 years later and I still have great difficulty when I think about what I saw in her eyes.

My second day in court finally arrived ten days later and all I wanted to do was get my stolen items back and get out of Florida! I had done everything humanly possible to help her but now I couldn't even speak with her without being arrested. Because of the permanent injunction that had been ordered by the judge, we had a mediator in Civil Court, we were not allowed to be in the same room together. Well, the mediator came in and said that he had just left Tina and her mother and looked at me kind of funny. Then he said "Frank you seem like a really nice guy. I don't usually handle cases this way but I'm going to make an exception with you. Frank, why don't you just cut your losses, dismiss the case and go home? I'm not an attorney Frank, and it's totally up to you whether you want to proceed with this case or not, I want you to know that if I were in your shoes I'd get the hell out while I could". I thought I was hearing things! I asked him what he meant. He said that after speaking with them for a few moments he got the idea that they would go to any lengths to retaliate against me with no mercy. I told the mediator to go tell Tina that she could keep everything except my 8mm and VHSC Tapes and I would dismiss the case. He concurred and left the room. About ten minutes later the mediator returned carrying some papers and he had kind of a sick look on his face. He told me that Tina had given him some police reports that had been filed during the past ten days alleging that I had attempted contacting her which is in violation of the injunction. He went on to say that he was instructed to tell me that if I did not dismiss the civil case against Tina that I would not make it out of the courthouse without being arrested and taken to jail. I told the mediator that I never tried to contact Tina after the injunction was filed. He said that if they followed through with their threat, it would be up to a judge to decide. Considering what had already happened since I first arrived in Orlando, I dismissed the charges and left the courthouse. I drove nonstop until I was out of the state of Florida, where I grabbed a bite to eat and gassed up my car. At about 1:00 am I pulled into a little motel off of the highway to get some rest. When I got into my room I decided to check my voicemail before going to sleep. I was stunned to hear a message with Tinas voice on it. She asked me to call her and that she would wait 20 minutes for my call before she went home. I checked the time of the page and it had been 15 minutes. I didn't have a phone card so I hurried to the gas station across the street. I called the number she left and she answered the phone.
At first I was speechless. She told me that she was sorry about everything that had happened but it wasn't her fault. I asked her to Please explain what she meant. She responded that she didn't have time to talk and that didn't want to lose touch with me. At that point I felt like I was going to have a brain hemorage at any moment. She said that she had to go but would page me again soon and hung up. The next day I went to Radio Shack and bought a portable phone tapping system. I wanted to record everything when we spoke again.

Infinity Films and UFO Investigations




Infinity Films and UFO Investigations