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Part IV of My True Experiences

The following day after I initially spoke with Tina, I did buy a micro-cassette recorder and a little gadget that would record any phone calls I wanted. I continued toward Helena, Montana without incident. When I arrived in Helena, the first thing I did was go to my storage.
As if what I have already told you about what I was put through in Orlando wasn't enough, this should really amaze you!

It was the day after I went to court for the injunction that Tina had against me. I had decided to call the manager of my storage company in Helena to get the address because I was behind on the rent and needed to send them a check. When I spoke to the manager who knew me fairly well, He informed me that Tina had called him a couple of days earlier and told him that her and I had been having some problems and she might be coming to Helena and would need access to my storage to get some of her things. When he told me this, I told him that I was in Orlando waiting to go to court because Tina had stolen all of my valuables out of my car and that she was absolutely not allowed in my storage unit. I told him that I was stuck in Orlando waiting for my hearing date in civil court. I told him that the storage unit was mine, and I was the only person on the lease and that besides him, I was the only person with the key. I told him that nobody including Tina was allowed access to my storage no matter what! I asked him to fax me a written acknowledgement of our conversation so there would be no chance of him mis-understanding my instructions. He first apologized for all of the difficult problems that I was having and said that under "NO" circumstances would he let Tina into my storage unit if she showed up there. He even sent me the fax I requested. I told him that if she did show up and try to get in my storage that he was to either call me or the police. I was glad I had called him and figured that I had covered all my bases, besides, it was a long drive from Orlando FL. to Helena MT. I would be really surprized if Tina went all that way just to get a few clothing items that I had bought for her. Five days after my conversation with the storage manager, he paged me and I called him back immediately. He asked me how I was doing and I said that I was fine and asked him why he paged me. I asked if Tina was there and he replied "no". Then he went on to say:

"but Tina was here yesterday, with her mother and two men. When I told her exactly what you told me say, her mother got all upset and asked for the owners phone number. I went ahead her the phone number and they left. Then about two hours later later they returned and told me that they had spoken to the owner and that he wanted me to call him when they got here, so I did. The owner told me to let them in your storage and that Tina could take what ever she wanted, so I did. Tina and her family took almost everything that was in your storage unit and they left. They're probably on their way back to Florida right now."
I can't tell you what I felt at that moment, but I can tell you that just sitting here typing this story is very difficult and upsetting, even though it's been four years since this all happened! I got more than angry and asked him why! He said that he was just following his boss's orders. I told him that I couldn't believe that he let her and her family go into my storage after our conversation. Then I asked him why he waited a whole day to call me! That's when he became defensive with me so I shouted; "I'll see you in court", then I hung up on him. I couldn't believe all that was happening to me. How was this happening? How "Could" this be happening?? I kept telling myself that this was all a bad dream and I would wake up soon back in Santa Clara. I have never felt so alone in my life! I called several members of my family who I thought sure would offer me support but when I would start telling them the whole story about Red Mountain and UFOs, they just made an excuses why they had to get off of the phone or that they couldn't talk right then. I must have been given this short piece of advise by almost everyone of my friends and family members when I asked for their support: "Frank, you should just forget about Tina and all of this UFO nonsense and go back to living a normal life". Although a big part of me wanted nothing more than to forget that this living nightmare had ever happened taken place, it was clear that this would never go away and that my life would never be the same again. Let me clarify that I had a great life before the summer of 1997. I had Lots of friends, a high paying profession running sales departments for New Car Dealerships, and some really cool toys (a ski-boat, a Harley, and two classic muscle cars). I can see how nobody understands why I can't just forget about everything that I've experienced and go back to what I used to do. Actually, I don't even think I understand!

When I pulled into the storage lot, the manager who had let Tina in my unit came out of the office to see me. I told him that I needed to see what exactly Tina took before I went to the Helena courthouse to file a civil suit. He was rude and said to go right ahead and file, but it was going to be a waste of my time. I looked at him and said we'll see and I left. That night, I stayed in a small motel on the out-skirts of town assessing what Tina had taken, when I decided to look at the mysterious video footage that I'd found at Jims house. I had probably watched the footage about 500 times already and figured that I'd found every unusual thing in it. Well, to my total surprize, I somehow never noticed something in the Santa Clara that was huge! As I replayed the segment again, my adrenalin level sky-rocketed. There were two unusaul object that I spotted right away when I first examined that segment. The first was toward the end of a small dark object that appears from above. The camcorder is facing west and the sun is just setting. The UFO is traveling at unbelievable speed and is only visible on the videotape for less than a second. As soon as it is out of sight another very familiar object raises upward from below the balcony and stops right in front of the camcorder! It sits there seemingly pulsating for about 45 seconds and then it blinks out! Disappears right there in front of the camcorder! It's all on tape and weird as hell! I knew that I had this footage but what I had just found was something that I'd never even noticed. In the film, there is a segment where Tina has been filming a B-52 Air Force jet. The she pulls back or reduces the zoom on the camcorder to about zero magnification which shows the railing of the 18 inch wide balcony and the wall to her left. Then she zooms back out to high magnification for a few seconds, then back in a second time which shows the railing, wall and background better than the first time. Tina then zooms out again to high magnification and when she starts pulling back for the third time, she starts moaning as if in distress when the camcorder reaches its lowest magnification she starts saying something but her words are very slurred and can not be understood. at the same time you can see a large dark object mechanical looking object move just into the video from Tinas right. In the video and the photo clip, it looks as though the strange object is very large and beyond the railing of the narrow balcony. But that couldn't be! Our hotel room was on the 12th floor and beyond the balcony was a straight drop 12 stories down! Then Tina moves the camcorder downward which shows the object and much of the background. then the camcorder pans left again and after a few seconds Tina starts hitting the camcorder which moves it downward and left across the railing and there is no sign of the object that was clearly there only a moment earlier! Then stops hitting the camcorder and shouts in a weird boyish voice, "It's Gone". Then after a very brief pause her voice changes to a very feminine voice and she says, "But that little dude isn't" Meanwhile there is still no trace of the object in the picture.
I don't know if you can imagine how I was feeling while seeing this on the TV screen. I was replaying the footage when my pager went off.
It was Tina asking me to call her at an unfamiliar number. This time I was prepared and called the phone number she left. Tina answered and asked her if she was alright. She said that she had been sick and was seeing a doctor. I was very cautious about what I said to her because I felt that if I upset her the conversation would end and would wouldn't get the answers that I badly needed. I casually worked up to talking about what happened to her, and why she left like she did in Santa Clara. She said that she had no choice and that she left to protect me. When I asked her "to protect me from what, she suddenly started shouting and cussing. At first I thought she was shouting at me, ten quickly realized that it was something else. I spoke calmly telling her "hey, Tina, slow down" she quickly regained her composure and told me that it was her stupid cassette player. I asked her how she was able to do so many terrible things to me when I went to Florida. She responded that she didn't expect me to show up in Orlando, and when I did show up, eveything went up in the air and she was sorry but she couldn't protect me anymore from her family. I asked her how she was able to stand up in court and accuse me of doing those terrible things to her. She replied that she had no choice. Then I asked her if her mother really believed that I ever abused her. Tina firmly answered NO! I re-iterated and said, "You mean your mother knows that I never did any of those terrible to you? She firmly answered "Yes" I asked her why? Then she said she had to go and would call again soon. I was relieved that I had successfully recorded our entire conversation and that night I got the closest thing to a decent night sleep than I'd had in three months. while playing back our conversation, the part when she started shouting at her cassette player scared the hell out of me! The best way I can explain it is in the movie, "The Excorsist" when Megan is shouting, her voice sounds like two voices. One is very deep. You would have to hear it for yourself to understand what I'm trying to say.

The next morning I awoke and out of the blue something hit me! In early early July, about 2½ weeks after Red Mountain, Tina and I decided to document our bizarre experience on top of the mountain. I set up the camcorder, and while Tina and I were still together I recorded myself telling the whole story of Red Mountain. One part of what my story was after we got into an argument, Tina walked across the open field and sat on a big rock. I turned away for less than a minute and when I looked back at the area where I saw her sit down, She was not anywhere in sight That I explained that I went searching for her in the heavily wooded area when I came across a large wooden carving of a young girl. She was on her knees and had what looked like angel wings and as I walked around to to front of the figure, I could see that her hands were clasped together as though she was praying. As I got closer I was shocked to see clearly what looked like two small horns pertruding out of her forehead just like the Devil is depicted in the Bible. Was that a vision of what was to happen several weeks later? Was the carved figure showing me Tina, who was the sweetest, most gentle, loving girl I'd ever known? An Angel who now was the most devious, heartless, cruelest person I'd ever known? I don't know if I'll ever get the answers that I search for daily, but I will never stop trying!<>

Infinity Films and UFO Investigations

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