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Welcome to your UFO-Pro Network Newsletter! We are extremely happy to announce that today, October 6, 2002 is a great day! The UFO-Pro Network website is now on line and fully operational. The creation of the site has taken more time than was expected, but I can assure you that it is well worth the wait. Please check it out at: and give us your feedback. As I'm certain most of you have noticed, we have experienced some unforseen delays in getting our incredible Network off the ground. Rest assured. Not only in the UFO-Pro Network alive and well, but we are ready to move on FULL STEAM AHEAD! The way to move toward our ultimate goal of disclosure is to spread the news about our Network. I'm sure that you will agree that it is much more effective when many people stand together as one united voice asking the the questions and demanding answers, than it is for one person to do the same. Please tell your friends, family, neighbors and all your on-line pals. We're not asking for money. We are simply asking for people who, for whatever their personal reason, want honest disclosure. We have come to a time that we must have the courage to stand up and be counted. Many really terrific folks have joined us in the past few months. Scientific Investigators, as well as UFO Investigators whom we have never met have come forward in support of the Network's intentions. We are truly happy to announce that a very significant amount of the support that has been displayed since the Networks onset back in May 2002, has come from a variety of countries and cultures and not only from the US. We have been, and currently are, in contact with many other influential individuals, both inside and outside of the UFO community who have expressed an interest in becoming involved in our Network and we are looking forward to having them on board soon. We'll keep you posted. Please remember that each and every person, organization or newsgroup is extrememly important. In order to accomplish our goal of total disclosure we all have to take it "personally". I do. Do you? This is our Network. We succeed or fail together. We have the right to complete disclosure. It is important, is vital and we demand it. If you have any ideas at all for future newsletters, such as articles you found interesting, people who need to be recognized, anything at all, please e-mail me at: If you have any wonderful ideas on how to make our quest for disclosure a reality or if you need further information or assistance, please don't hesitate to write Frank Khoury at: In Our Next Newsletter: We will be outlining a plan for an e-mail campaign to put our local elected officials on notice that we are here, we are part of a growing Network and that we demand disclosure. Thanks for becoming involved, and be sure to visit The UFO-Pro Network website. The address again, is: Sincerely, Tammy K. Clark Network Administrator