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Hello Mr. ETtracker, I am writing you from the country of Lebanon because I have found your website for the UFOs. If you don't know this, there is much fighting here, but mostly in Beirut city. three week ago I receive phone called from my sister and she tell me that I must go to meet with her in the mountain village of Ajaltoun right away. She sound like she is very excited and tells me to hurry please. I drove quickly up the mountain to see what is happening so important. When I got to the home of my sister husbands mother and father, I see something I will never forget. There was two small boys on the floor in the parlor of the house covered with blanket and I see also some blood on the floor beside them, I ran back to my car for my medical bag and returned. My sister was almost acting crazy and she was shouting to me, -look at it Saleem, look at it! I never see my sister like this and I did not know what she was shouting like this for. Then I bent to the floor and pulled the cover down to examine the two boys injuries. Mr. ETtracker, what I see was one little boy about maybe 10 year old. He have many cuts on his face and neck, I also see the other injured must be dead. What I am looking at took me a couple of seconds before I realize this is not a normal human person. the eyes black, very large and the head also very large, but with a very skinny body. I asked my sister what happen and she tell me that the fighting was close to them in the morning, so her husband takes a small road away from the shooting hoping to be safer arrive home. She only explain this much then started very loud noise outside of the house. Then the front door is kicked open and many men having guns running into the house from front and back. They beat us and forced us into a large van that has no windows. We were driving for almost three hours, then the van stop and they pull me out of the van and beat me and kicking me and shouting at me that if i say anything about that day, I will be killed and my children would be killed. I have not seen my sister and her husband after that day. They left me where they beat me, but took my sister and husband with them. Mr. ETtracker, I am very frightened, but I must know what is happening. I almost forget to tell you, the man who beat me, I am sure they was american. I will write again soon. please send me instructions about this thing I saw, is this from UFO?