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UFO Investigations

Infinity Films and UFO Investigations

Here's Part II of My True Experience on


Infinity Films and UFO Investigations

I felt as though my entire world was crumbling around me. I felt completely sure, at this point, that something terrible had happened to my girlfriend. My fear then quickly turned to anger as I began yelling to whoever had taken my girlfriend, that I would not stop until they were dead! My only response was the endless deafening silence.
Accomplishing nothing, my anger once again turned to fear for her safety. As I searched aimlessly through the dense forest, I realized that I had no idea which direction was back to the open field. The feeling that I was being watched grew even stronger, it felt like a thousand eyes were staring at me! Yet I could see no movement of any kind. What had happened to this place that just the day before was teeming with insects, birds and a constant breeze?
I began to seriously doubt my sanity as I stopped and looked in every direction only to see countless numbers of these carvings or statues, I'm not sure what I would call them. Suddenly, the uncanny silence was broken! I could hear, in the distance, what sounded like whimpering. Without hesitation, I started running toward the sound! As I got closer I could tell that what I was hearing could only be my girlfriend! I could hear her, but I couldn't see her. I called out to her, then I caught a glimpse of some movement behind a large rock. It was Tina raising herself from behind the rock. I walked quickly toward her repeating the words "Thank God" several times! As I approached her, I could see that her eyes were very glassy and her face was red. She was crying, and looked as though she was dazed. I took her in my arms and held her, telling her everything was alright. Then I looked into her eyes in an attempt to get her to focus. I asked her where she had been. She said that she didn't remember anything except waking up on the ground behind the big rock and hearing me calling her name from the distance. I told her that we were in a bad place, and that I felt that we were danger. She seemed to be coming around and becoming more coherent. She started looking around the area that we were standing in and asked me what the hell was going on? She could see the same strange carvings all around us that I had been seeing. This confirmed to me that I wasn't losing my mind, or seeing things that weren't really there!
I asked her if she could walk and she said yes. We began walking in the direction that I had come from, and luckily, it was the right way back to the car. We grabbed the binoculars, the other rifle, and some ammunition, locked the car up and began walking in the direction that I thought would take us down the mountain and toward civilization. We followed a small path through the dense trees for about a half of a mile until we came to a clearing of tall grass. We started across the small clearing. The ground was so sopping wet from the storm the night before that our feet sank up to our ankles. She told me to look around us as we neared the trees on the other side of the field. There they were, carvings everywhere! I told her to stay close to me and lets keep on going!
Then we began seeing what we both would have sworn were buildings, houses, cars, and even people! When we got closer though, they turned out to be huge rocks that were discolored, but from a distance, we would have sworn that they were nicely kept buildings. As for our binoculars, they were useless, because every time we looked through them all we could see was something you'd expect to see at Disneyland. This whole experience was so unbelievable that the only thing that kept me hanging in there was that Tina was seeing the same things as me!
We continued making our way through the wilderness looking for any sign of civilization, or at least a road. Oddly, she kept on saying that there would be a road if we went up the hill and I kept telling her that the road would be down the hill.
The whole issue was crazy! After about three or four miles of hiking through some pretty harsh terrain, we finally came to a dirt road. I didn't have a compass, so we had no idea which direction to take. We decided to go to the right. The road went uphill, then downhill, over and over again. It was the toughest hike I've ever been through. As far as we had traveled, we still saw countless carvings everywhere we looked. She kept wanting to stop and rest for a while, but I insisted that we keep on moving. I knew that if we stopped and rested that I would never be able to continue. I had put myself through too much already!
Finally we came to a couple of big rocks on the side of the dirt road, and agreed to take a short break. I sat on one of the rocks and started looking around. Right next to me was a large fir tree that caught my attention. It was about 20 feet tall, I noticed that it's trunk looked incredibly straight. As I took a close look at the trunk of the tree, and noticed that about 10 feet up it's trunk it appeared to have a flanged lip, you know, like a fake Christmas tree would have! It actually looked as though it had been manually put together! I told Tina, "look at this, you're not going to believe this. This tree doesn't look real!" She looked and agreed. She started repeating over and over again, "no more UFO research, no more!" Intrigued, I grabbed the 22 caliber rifle we had and from less than 3 feet away, aimed and fired a shot into the trunk of the tree. I took a good look at the spot where I shot the tree trunk, and there wasn't even a inkling of a scratch. This really frustrated me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I stood up and started shouting, "who is doing this to us, we've had enough! If we are being used for some Government experiment, stop all of this now. We are human beings." Of course, I received no response. I turned to Tina and told her that this whole thing had to be some kind of military experiment, and that we were being used as some kind of guinea pigs. I believed we were being subjected to this alleged mind control device that the Government has been working on and that what we were seeing wasn't real. For the first time in my life I felt helpless and unable to control what my mind was telling me I was seeing! I felt as though someone had entered my mind, and Tina felt the same way.
We continued walking and still we kept seeing all of these carvings. Next we came to a wash-out in the road. It was about 20 feet across and 10 feet deep, there was a small stream running through it. We managed to get across to the other side and continued on. We must have walked at least another two miles, and still, we kept seeing the same things, all of these carvings, Everywhere!
We finally reached the first sign of something manmade! It was metal structure crossing the bumpy dirt road. I quickly realized that it was a "Cattle Guard", yellow in color. It was the biggest, prettiest, cattle guard that I'd ever seen. I stopped to wait for Tina who was about twenty yards behind me, and took a closer look at the large cattle guard. What I discovered was very strange, something that I'd never seen on any other cattle guard before or since. There was an "Electrical Switch" attached on one end of it, with cables that connected to the barbed wire that dissappeared into the heavily wooded area in both directions. Much too exhausted to investigate the electrified cattle guard any further, we continued on. Was this a sign that we had come to the end of this bizarre place that we had hiked through for the past seven hours?
We continued beyond the misplaced looking cattle guard expecting to find help, but I saw no change in our surroundings. There they were everywhere, more carvings, statues, I'm not sure what to call them! We stayed on the dirt road for about another two miles, totally exhausted barely able to walk. The physical and psychological stress that we had undergone really took it's toll on us. As we rounded a bend in the road, I spotted what looked like a person moving around about 100 yards ahead of us. Unsure of what I was seeing, I started walking as fast as I could, praying that this was finally a real human being, and that we could get some help. I could see a woman and two big dogs standing outside of a tent. As soon as the woman saw me she grabbed the collars of her dogs. At the same time, as I shouted out to her that we desperately needed help! I put the two rifles that I was carrying on the ground and asked the woman if she had any drinking water. She said yes and invited us to sit down on a big log. A man came out of the tent and handed me a canteen. He sat next to me and asked me what kind of help I needed. I told him that we needed help to get our car pulled out of the mud on top of the mountain. He had an older 4x4 truck. I had about seven hundred dollars in cash on me and offered him any amount of money that he wanted to take us to our car and pull us out. I couldn't believe it when he said that he had too many things to do, but he would drive us to a big mining company not too far away. He said that I would be able to use their phone to call a tow truck.
These people were living in a tent. He said that they had a claim there, in the middle of nowhere. So he took us to the mining company which was about five miles away. On the way there, he told us that everyone knew him at the mining company and that there would be no problem using their telephone. He hastily dropped us off, saying he needed to get back to work. We must have been a sight to see. After what we had been through, and carrying our two rifles into the office of the mining company. My frustration sky rocketed when we discovered that the door was locked and there was no answer when we knocked. Desperate, we walked around the building hoping to find a way in. At this point, I decided to break into the office using my knife. I jimmied a window open and Tina climbed in.
While I was on the phone with AAA towing, there was a noise coming from the front door of the building. A moment later two men appeared in the doorway of the office I was sitting in, and needless to say, they were quite surprised to see me sitting at the bosses desk, talking on the bosses phone, and a 12 gauge shotgun sitting near me on the bosses desk. Fortunately, they turned out to be a couple of nice guys, and they gave me a chance to explain our presence. Strangely, I wasn't very surprised at the response that I was given when I mentioned the man who dropped us off there. The two men had never seen or heard this guy before! While we waited for the tow truck, they offered us something to eat and drink. We told them what we had been through, and about all of the carvings we had seen, I can only imagine what must have been going through their minds after hearing my story about the last 24 hours.
Finally, the tow truck showed up and we left to find our car. Reaching the spot of our stranded vehicle wasn't easy. The driver couldn't believe that we had made it as far as we did in an 1988 Ford T-bird. The heavy duty four wheel drive tow truck barely made it to the spot of the car. We pulled the car out of the mud and followed the tow truck back down the mountain. We were so exhausted and fatigued that it never crossed my mind to show the tow truck driver what we had seen across the open field in the heavily wooded area. Anxious to get cleaned up and rested, we went directly to the hotel that we had checked out of the day the morning before. We could hardly walk when we got to the hotel room. I don't know how to explain the way we felt that night, but I do know that I've only felt that way once in my life. The following day we contacted the police, the Forest rangers office and Jesse Marcel Jr. No-one was aware of any area that fit what we described. No carvings, no historical park and no Red Mountain. We tried very hard to get some kind of experienced help to go up there and investigate the area but had no luck. Not a single person was interested, not even my close long time friend, Brian De Borde. Well, there you are, it's been over four years now and I still don't know what happened to us on Red Mountain. I have returned to Red Mountain Mt. twice since that day, but that is another story. I'd have to say that what we experienced on Red Mountain was just the beginning because what was to come in the following seven weeks could easily be compared to a science fiction movie. Both of our lives would be turned upside down while our beliefs and ways of thinking would be changed forever! Most of the experiences that we had following Red Mountain, were so unbelievable that it has taken me this long to get up the courage to tell the story despite the fact that I have video footage to confirm my claims.
It was on July 26, 1997, when we got our first camcorder. That was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our very first night at the Holiday Inn at the Garden of the Gods district, we filmed strange objects flying in the sky that were not identifiable nor conventional craft. We continued south, determined to find evidence of the existence of UFOs. We went to places like Roswell, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, all over Arizona, and finally Rachel, Nevada, (AREA-51). From July 26th, until September 5th, armed with two camcorders, we managed to film more unexplained objects flying in the sky then most seasoned UFO researcher's have seen their entire lives. The best of the video footage that we accumulated, has been formatted into a feature length documentary that I am preparing for distribution to select video stores nationwide. This film has been entitled;


a UFO story.



UFO Investigations

Infinity Films and UFO Investigations