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Project P.R.O.V.E.

People Recording Orbiting Vehicles from Earth

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Founderís Statement of Purpose

Jeff Challender
May 11, 2001

Jeff Challender has been taping NASA missions from live feed, provided by NASA Select TV, since September 1997. He has uncovered many anomalies in that span of time. Some of these have subsequently been identified as objects normally seen in space, and others stubbornly resist identification. NASA, and other scientific organizations, have in the past, dismissed ALL these anomalies as ice crystals, and other small debris floating near our craft.

What this project intends to accomplish, is to document some of these anomalies from independent sources, and different vantage points. We are seeking volunteers who are willing to use their personal video cameras to tape these passes. It would then be possible to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that something large, and out of the ordinary, was accompanying our spacecraft in orbit. The only time period that this can be done from the surface of Earth, by amateurs, is during twilight. That is, after sunset, and before sunrise. In daylight, spacecraft are not visible from the ground. The Sun overwhelms them. At night, they cannot be seen either. There is no source of light bright enough to make them visible to ground observers.

There is a fine website from Germany, known as Heavens Above, which provides the exact dates, times, and brightness, and direction, for twilight passes by hundreds of spacecraft and satellites. From the main page, the user may select from a gigantic database of cities and towns the world over. A person can find his or her location, mark that page, and have these figures at fingertip access at all times.

A link to this website is here: CLICK!

Using the Heavens Above data, our volunteers will be able to plan ahead for the pass over his or her home. Then it is as simple as setting up the home video camera to record the pass on tape. I have done this myself, and it is surprisingly easy.

Doing this, we are hoping to catch the occasional anomaly accompanying space vehicles. When this occurs, and as past observations have shown, it will, we will have not only a tape of the event from live NASA feed, but also a recording from an earth based position. Anomalies captured in this way could not be dismissed as ice. Ice would be impossible to see from Earth over 200 miles below.

It is our sincerest hope that such undeniable evidence would be seriously examined by the scientific community, and the public at large. Wonít you e-mail us and volunteer to help today? Volunteering is easy, and we seek no money. Just e-mail the address below, or visit the Project online at:
Together We Can Seek The Truth!
Thanks to all of you, Jeff Challender