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Digital Voice Activation Converter



Please read the instructions below carefully!
Two Transloaders have been displayed for your use.



Instructions For Copying Files

#1. First type what you want to say in the space box above.

#2. Then select a voice character by clicking on the button directly under the typing area to the left marked Man 1. There are several that you can choose from.

#3. Next, select a sound file to your liking. The "wav." file seems to be used most.

#4. After you've done the 3 steps above press the "Make It" button to hear your message.

#5. As soon as you hear the message play thru, hit your "go to" button on top of your keyboard to bring up the pop-up box. Now, move the yellow cursor bar onto "show last" and press the "return" button. You should now see the address showing to the file.

#6. Now, to copy the address, press your *cmd button and the letter *A at the same time to highlight the address in the space bar. Then press your *cmd button and the letter *C to copy it. If you have your volume up, you will hear a "clicking" sound to let you know you have copied the address.

#7. Next, press either the *Transloader or *Freeloader buttons above. When you arrive at the page, delete the address that is in the *File to be *Copied space, and paste in the address you just copied by pressing your *CMD and the letter *V keys at the same time.

REMEMBER: If you don't have a website, You should get an account at one of these *Free web hosting sites:
This will make it possible for you to store these and all your other sounds and images safely within your files.

You may use these audio files in your email signature box, however I don't recommend it. You're better off using it in the body of your e-mails.
It is best if you copy and store your messages in case *Ma Belle's* server goes down, this way you'll still have your message saved to your own files.

Remember: If you decide to check the box marked: "XXX" 솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛솛 You MUST be the legal age required by law. Have fun and don't forget to sign my guest book before you leave!


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