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by William Hamilton III 
Underground Bases & Tunnels 
Does a strange world exist beneath our feet? Strange legends have persisted for centuries about the mysterious cavern world
and the equally strange beings who inhabit it. 
More UFOlogists have considered the possibility that UFOs may be emanating from subterranean bases, that UFO aliens have
constructed these bases to carry out various missions involving Earth or humans. 
Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale, or rumor down the generations from all over the world.
Some of these stories date back to ancient times and tell tales of fantastic flora and fauna that can be found in the caverns of
ancient races. Socrates spoke of huge hollows within the Earth which are inhabited by man, and vast caverns which rivers flow. 
A legendary large cavern supposedly exists below Kokoweef Peak in southwestern California. Earl Dorr, a miner and
prospector, followed clues given to him by Indians. He entered Crystal Cave in the thirties and followed a passage down into
Kokoweef Mountain until he attained a depth of about a mile. There, he entered a large cavern which he proceeded to explore
for a distance of eight miles. At the bottom of the cavern, a river flowed, rising and falling with the lunar tides, and depositing
black sands rich in placer gold along its banks. One day, crazed by fever, Dorr used dynamite to seal shut the entrance to his
fabulous cavern, and started a legend that still lures men to seek the fabled wealth below Kokoweef. 
Nowhere is the belief in a subterranean world more prevalent than with the Indians of North America. The Hopis believed they
emerged from a world below the earth through a tunnel at the base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff. 
There are also legends about mysterious Mount Shasta in northern California. The mountain is said to have housed a race of
surviving Lemurians who built a sanctuary in the depths of the earth to escape the catastrophes which befell them. These
Lumerians allied themselves with space travelers who built a saucer base inside the mountain. 
Whether ancient cities exist in caverns below the earth is anyone's guess, but it's a fact that governments have built underground
tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons. The Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese all built subterranean tunnels and bases. It
shouldn't come as a surprise that America has been building its own underground world. 
An elusive report in the August 7, 1989 edition of U.S. News and World Report, reveals the secret plan to carry on
government in case of a disaster. The plan is called "Continuity of Government" or COG. The article stated that COG is the
government's ultimate insurance policy should Armageddon ever arrive, providing the program runs smoothly. In 1982, a new
secret agency, the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency was created and reports to the President. In the event of a
nuclear attack, special teams equipped with war plans, military codes, and other essential data would accompany each
designated presidential successor to secret command posts around the country. Besides the president, another 46 key officials
named in the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) would be evacuated. There are 50 of these underground command post
bunkers located in 10 different regions of the country, and each is linked with others via satellite or ground-wave relays. 
The U.S. Air Force sponsored research in deep underground construction as early as 1958. The RAND corporation carried
out this research, and published proceedings from symposiums held on the subject of construction methods and equipment,
utility installation, and the use of nuclear bursts to produce underground cavities. 
A great concern to underground construction engineers was the problem of ventilation. They considered it advisable to take into
account all types of ventilation contamination, and not just radioactive fallout. Underground works included ingresses, egresses,
and accommodations. The first two are generally provided for by shafts or tunnels, while the third requires larger openings, such
as halls, chambers, cells, vaults, or other open spaces. Many problems in design and construction are common to all three, but
the problems associated with the larger openings in the rock, required for accommodation purposes, are generally more
complex and difficult than those for the smaller openings of tunnels or shafts. Operation and maintenance of underground
installations can also pose special problems. 
Huge boring machines with large-diameter disc-grinders are used in constructing tunnels. Tunnels are needed to link one
accommodation area to another, or one facility to another. 
The English Chunnel project is the largest engineering project in Europe, and will link France and England through a three-tunnel
railway. The eleven boring machines used in the project are so large and so long that they were assembled in underground areas
65 feet high. Six of the machines are digging the submarine tunnel between the Dover Strait and Pas de Calais and five are
digging the land tunnels leading away from the channel to aboveground terminals. The front of the boring machine contains
tungsten-tipped picks that workers guide with the use of laser projections on video screens. 
These boring machines are like huge, steel-encased worms. Sealed in each machine are teams of 35 men who line the cavity of
the tunnel with concrete and guide the muck down the track. The machines bore the hole, remove the earth, and pave the inside
of the tunnel with precast concrete segments. The digging face of the machine is a 95-ton, 28-foot-6-inch diameter disc, divided
into cutting blades. The borer is 300-feet long. 
The September, 1983 Omni ran a picture story on the "Subterrene," a nuclear tunnel-boring machine developed at Los Alamos.
The machine burrows through deep underground rock, heating it to a molten state (magma), which cools after the Subterrene
moves on. The result is a tube with a smooth, glazed lining that can be used for the high-speed transport shuttles that link the
sub-base complexes. 
Interestingly enough, an inventor named Charles Kaempen has invented a composite pipe that has enormous tensile strength.
Kaempen has developed an undersea transportation tube that uses his unique system of lock coupling and merely has to be laid
on the sea floor, obviating the need for excavating and tunneling. He has made a proposal to Spain to link Spain and Morocco
using his new tube technology. 
Tunnel boring is undergoing a boom according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 12, 1990). Susan Nelson,
director of the American Underground Space Association is quoted in the article as saying, "There is simply a lot more interest
in the world these days in tunneling and use of the underground in general." It says the underground is crowded with
government-funded mega-projects and proposed projects. The Spanish want to put a tunnel through the Pryenees and bore a
road to Morocco on the African coast. The Norwegians want to burrow under the fiords. The Japanese are toying with
tunneling through to South Korea. The Canadians are building a tunnel from New Foundland to Prince Edwards Island. In
America, there are 87 public-works projects planned in the next three years alone. 
Bear in mind the fact that these are all classified as civil engineering projects. Where civil engineering goes today, military
engineering has already gone yesterday. In 1959, the Rand Report carried photos of the giant Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).
Large scale military engineering projects may have made extensive use of these machines since the fifties. 
Tunneling is getting a boost because of the increasingly crowded global landscape. Planners in Northern Italy are burying
stretches of a freeway in a tunnel to avoid cutting a road through historical important forest and farmlands. 
Mr. Russell J. Miller of the Colorado School of Mines and director of the Center for Space Mining in Boulder, Colorado, is
working on studies to determine the feasibility of putting space bases and cities underground on Mars and on the moon. Of
course, someone from somewhere else may have already beaten Mr. Miller to the punch. 
Informants have told us that underground facilities utilize transport tubes to shuttle workers to and from work. This is more than
a subway. These tube trains use high technology. It isn't surprising, then, to learn that Frank P. Davidson of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology has a plan to unclog the airways by designing electric "wingless airplanes" that hurtle across continents
and oceans in sealed tubes or tunnels that are essentially frictionless vacuum chambers. Perhaps he should meet with Dr.
Kaempen and consider using his composite pipe as the tube. 
Underground diggers have their own society called "Moles," who find talk of tunneling and tunnels spicier than most of us
surface dwellers. 
It's no secret that governments have built their own secret underground railways and tunnels. China's leaders built secret rail
tunnels under Bejing that would enable them to flee in a crisis. According to a Chinese civil servant, the tunnels linked leader's
homes, government buildings, the central bank and an army base. That sounds like a well-thought-out-plan. Grab your prized
possessions, cash from the bank, armed guards from the base, and run like hell! The network was built up over a period of 40
years as a defense against foreign invaders. We can be sure that what China has done we have done. 
Japan, dense and overcrowded, is giving serious thought to living underground. They are planning to build underground sewage
plants, underground railroads, and underground cities. According to a recent issue of Omni, The Taisei Corporation is planning
to build a subterranean mall called "Alice City." There would be underground stores, offices, hotels, theaters, and sports arenas.
Strolling spaces would meander through interior spaces populated with trees, birds, fish tanks, bridges, and waterfalls. The
Shimizu Corporation has a blueprint for constructing an underground grid that would span 2,000 square miles underneath
Tokyo. This grid would contain a number of commercial centers connected by subway trains that could shuttle workers to and
from work. 
According to science-writer Isaac Asimov, there are advantages to living underground. For one thing, no one would worry
about the weather. The temperature could be held at a fairly constant level, between 55 and 60 degrees F, and a lot of energy
used for heating and cooling could be saved. Without the diurnal sun cycle, no one would know day from night. People could
be working around the clock or playing around the clock, depending on their penchant. All transportation, communication, and
housing could go underground, freeing the surface world from human trampling. The surface of the planet would have a few nice
restaurants and recreation centers where people could observe clear blue skies, the returning planet and animal life, and have
room for all to roam on a weekend hike. Earthquakes would cause only one-fifth the damage to underground structures that
they cause to surface structures. 
In a provocatively speculative book entitled Alternative 3, author Leslie Watkins proposes that scientist have become
concerned with the state of the Earth's atmosphere, a scenario that is much easier to accept these days. Secret meetings
between scientist produce three alternatives for handling the imminent danger. 
"Alternative 1" was a plan to blast holes through the stratosphere to release heat and pollution. 
"Alternative 2" was a plan to relocate Earth's population in massive underground caverns drawing fresh, cool air from the soil
(Perhaps there is a real Alternative 2 in progress). 
"Alternative 3" was to escape the Earth and go to Mars. We will consider Alternative 3 later. Whether any real such alternative
plans exist is not being argued here, but the concepts are useful in examining the future directions of secret projects. 
The Atomic Energy Commission initiated Project Plowshare in 1957 to develop peaceful uses of nuclear explosives. It has
explored the use of nuclear blasts to build harbors, dams, highway cuts, and canals, and to stimulate oil and natural gas
production by following up the widely used practice of detonating ordinary chemical explosions in oil- and gas-bearing strata.
The first test of this technique, known as Project Gasbuggy, took place 4,240 feet below ground in a desolate area of New
Mexico know as the San Juan Basin, on December 10, 1967, where a 26-kiloton nuclear "device" was exploded in a sealed
While Gasbuggy was only a single experiment, the A.E.C., in partnership with Austral Oil Company of Houston, subsequently
began the first of what promised to be a long series of even larger nuclear explosions, on the order of two 100-kiloton shots
each year, for a period of 10 years or more. The first explosion, known as Project Rulison, was a 40-kiloton shot, some 8,400
feet below ground at a site near Rifle, Colorado, on September 10th, 1969. 
A method that has been suggested to build bases on the moon may already be in operation on Earth. With the use of controlled
nuclear blasts it will be possible to excavate cavities beneath the lunar surface. A missile could be used to drill a hole
approximately 50 feet deep, then a second blast would produce a cavity about 45 feet in diameter. An igloo would be
constructed over the hole, a plastic bag dropped down the cavity and filled with air. The work area and living quarters would
then be constructed. 
It may prove more efficient and practical to "house" future moon colonies in artificial or natural caves beneath the lunar surface,
than to attempt construction of exposed meteorite domes. Living quarters, spacious parks, lakes, and wooded areas could be
constructed underground. A transportation tube would connect various colonists to other ports and distant parts of the moon. 
Back on Earth, we have reports of equally suspicious parks. An ex-security officer, who once worked underground in the
Groom Lake area of Nevada, said he once saw a baseball diamond and an Olympic-sized swimming pool in one of the caverns
a mile below the Nevada desert. 
What's going on in the deep underground tunnels below Mercury Base at the Nevada Test Site? After hearing the story of Bob
Lazar on KVEG radio, a construction worker called Billy Goodman and Bob Lazar to say, "We are the construction
workers...we put things together and take them apart...of the meeting of seven people, there are two who will come forward to
support you." This mysterious caller further said, "There's more than just tunnels down there. There's everything you can imagine
down there. I know because we put it up. We installed. We did everything." 
Informants have mentioned underground tunnels and facilities in New Mexico at Dulce, Sunspot, Datil, Corona, Taos Pueblo,
and Albuquerque; in Arizona in the Santa Catalina Mountains; in Colorado at Delta, Grand Mesa, and Colorado Springs; in
California at Needles, Edwards AFB, Tehachapi Mountains, Ft. Irwin, Norton AFB, and Morongo Valley; in Nevada at Blue
Diamond, Nellis AFB, Groom Lake, and Papoose Lake areas, Quartzite Mountain, and Tonopah. 
I became interested in a possible underground installation in the Techachapi Mountains in the summer of 1988. A young couple,
Ray and Nancy, reported that they had gone to a plateau in the mountains after Ray's shift work had completed at the Northrop
Plant. Ray was inspector on the B-2 project. The plateau is adjacent to the perimeter of the leased Tejon Ranch where
Northrop has built a secret underground facility. It was about one o'clock in the morning when Ray and Nancy spotted a
brilliant orb coming out of the ground which flashed light in their direction. They could not account for two-and-half hours of
missing time. Ray thought that they had the orb under observation for about an hour, yet the next memory is of sunrise! Under
hypnosis, Ray recalls being abducted and taken to an underground base populated by little grey EBEs and Air Force and
security personnel. The EBEs were examining Nancy who had been restrained on a metal table. Ray's emotions swelled under
hypnotic recall of the incident. 
A local man claims he saw a flying saucer emerge and take-off from a silo on the property. 
A disgruntled contractor reported that he worked on constructing the tunnels in the underground area and was bothered by the
Air Force probes that were often seen hovering in the tunnels. He described these probes as small orbs, and said that this
facility was nicknamed "The ANTHILL" because of its resemblance to underground ant colonies. The tunnels have round
doorways without doors. Adjacent to the doorways are security panels with red and green lights. There are some kind of
cylinders embedded in the doorway jams that protect a field of energy of some sort. 
Black helicopters have been sighted around Boynton and Secret Canyon near Sedona, Arizona. A man living in Long Canyon
has sighted a lot of strange things in the canyon areas, and residents suspect a secret government installation has been
established in, of all places, Secret Mountain! One of my investigators hiked to Secret Canyon late one night and was stopped
by a voice on a loudspeaker and a laser-targeting light on his chest. He was told he had entered a restricted area and to turn
around and leave. 
We have now spotted and photographed the small orbs around the "Anthill." These orbs definitely exhibit the peculiar
characteristics reported in other UFO sightings. 
Since that time, we have located two other secret facilities. One is at a place in the Mojave-Desert called Llano. It is an
extremely secure facility, but witnesses have seen an extremely bright light burning atop a pylon inside of a movable
behemoth-sized structure. This light does not illuminate the interior of the structure! Orbs have been seen in the vicinity of this
facility as well. 
We can only conjecture about what secret programs are being conducted away from preying eyes. The underground can and
does hold all sorts of secrets. Some of the most amazing revelations about what goes on in the underground projects comes
from a mysterious informant named Thomas, and who claims there is, indeed, a deep dark secret harbored underneath the
imposing mountainous elevations of Northern New Mexico. 
The Deep Dark Secret at Dulce 
Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico of about 900 population located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache
Indian Reservation. There is only one major motel and a few stores. It's not a resort town and it is not bustling with activity. But,
according to a few outsiders, Dulce harbors a deep, dark secret. The secret is harbored deep below the tangled brush of
Archuleta Mesa. The secret is said to be a joint government-alien biogenetic laboratory designed to carry out bizarre
experiments on humans and animals. 
New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez was drawn into the mysteries of Dulce when called to investigate a mutilated
cow in a pasture 13 miles east of Dulce on the Manual Gomez ranch. Gomez had lost four cattle to mutilations between 1976
and June 1978 when a team of investigators which included Tom Adams arrived from Paris, Texas to examine the site of the
Curious as to how cattle were being selected by the mysterious mutilators, an interesting experiment was conducted on July 5,
1978 by Valdez, Gomez, and retired scientist Howard Burgess. They pinned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved
them through a squeeze chute under an ultraviolet light. They found a "glittery substance on the right side of the neck, the right
ear, and the right leg." Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals.
Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples and found significant deposits of potassium and
magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal. 
Some investigators attribute the mutilations to aliens from UFOs. UFOs have been seen frequently around Dulce. Sightings of
strange lights and other aerial phenomena have been reported in many areas where the cows have been found at the time of the
reported mutilation. 
On April 19, 1988, I arrived in Dulce to visit with Gabe Valdez and inquire about the sightings, the mutes, and the rumors of an
underground alien base. Snow was still on the ground. I checked into the Best Western Motel and called Valdez to make an
appointment to see me at 9:30 PM. I found Gabe to be a very congenial host, offering to show me around the roads of Dulce
that night and point out some various locations where he had found mutilated cows or had seen strange aerial lights. He made
the astounding statement that he was still seeing unidentified aircraft at the rate of one every two nights. We took a look at the
Gomez Ranch, the road by the Navajo River, and the imposing Archuleta Mesa. Gabe had found landing tracks and crawler
marks near the site of the mutes, and was convinced that scientist Paul Bennewitz of Thunder Scientific Labs in Albuquerque,
was definitely on the right track in his attempts to locate the underground alien facility in the vicinity of Dulce. No one knew for
sure where the facility was located or how humans or aliens gained secret entry to the facility. 
I had first heard of Paul Bennewitz in 1980 when my friend Walter called me from Albuquerque and told me he had been
working with Paul on electronic instruments. Walter informed me that Paul had not only photographed UFOs, but had
established a communication link with their underground base at Dulce. Bennewitz had first come to prominence during the
August, 1980, sightings over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area at Kirtland AFB. A Kirtland AFB incident report dated
October 28, 1980 mentions that Bennewitz had taken film of the UFOs over Kirtland. Paul, who was president of the Thunder
Scientific Labs which was adjacent to Kirtland gave a briefing in Albuquerque detailing how he had seen the aliens on a video
screen. At the time, the aliens were transmitting signals to him from a base underneath Archuleta Mesa. 
Researcher William Moore claims that the government agents became interested in Bennewitz's activities and were trying to
defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he could absorb. Whether Paul's communication with supposed
aliens at the Dulce Base was part of this disinformation campaign is unclear. If we believe that Paul is the single source of
reports on the Dulce Facility, then discounting Paul's story and discrediting him could be a tactical maneuver. The actual
disinformation maneuver would result in making the public believe there was nothing to the Dulce story. 
In a report entitled "PROJECT BETA," Paul states that he had spent two years tracking the alien craft; that he had constant
reception of video from an alien ship and underground base viewscreen; that he had established constant direct communications
with the aliens using a computer and a form of hexadecimal code with graphics and print-out; and claims to have used aerial and
ground photography to locate the alien ship's launch ports charged beam weapons. Paul claimed that the aliens were devious,
employed deception, and did not adhere to agreements. He and Walter were working on a weapon that would counter the
Have we crossed over from the land of the real world to the land of science-fiction? But then, bizarre phenomena may have its
roots in a bizarre reality. As we continue our studies, the world of science-fiction will become the world of science-fact. 
Paul Bennewitz had investigated the case of abductee Myrna Hansen of New Mexico, who reported having been taken to an
underground facility in May 1980. Christa Tilton of Oklahoma claims she had an experience of missing time in July, 1987, when
she had been abducted by two small grey aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she encountered a man
dressed in a red military-type jump suit. She was taken into a tunnel through computerized check-points displaying security
cameras. She reports having been taken on a transit vehicle to another area where she stepped on a scale-like device facing a
computer screen. After the computer issued her an identification card, she was told by her guide that they had just entered Level
One of a seven-level underground facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually take down to Level Five, where she
reports having seen alien craft and little grey alien entities in some of the areas that she passed through. 
In one large room where she saw computerized gauges hooked to large tanks and large arms that extended from some tubing
down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled formaldehyde, and had the impression that a liquid was being
stirred in the tanks. She was not shown the contents of these tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she claims to
have witnessed during her abduction. 
These tanks were also depicted in a set of controversial papers called the "Dulce Papers," which were allegedly stolen from the
Dulce underground facility along with over 30 black and white photos and a video tape. The mysterious security officer who
took the papers claims to have worked at Dulce until 1979 when he decided that the time had come to part company with his
The rest of this chapter relates how this security officer met with a colleague of mine in order to tell us the truth about the aliens,
the U.S. Government, and the Dulce Base. His intention was to come out of hiding and present hard evidence to back his
In late 1979, Thomas C. could no longer cope with the awesome reality he had to confront. As a high level security officer at
the joint alien-U.S. Government underground base near Dulce he had learned of and had seen disturbing things. After much
inner conflict, he decided to desert the facility and take various items with him. 
Using a small camera, he took over 30 photos of areas within the multi-level complex. He collected documents and removed a
security video tape from the Control Center which showed various security camera views of the hallways, labs, aliens, and U.S.
Government personnel to take with him. Then, by shutting off the alarm and camera system in one of the over 100 exits to the
surface, he left the facility with the photos, video, and documents. The "originals" were hidden after five sets of copies were
Thomas was ready to go into hiding. But, when he went to pick up his wife and young son, he found a van and government
agents waiting. His wife and child had been kidnapped. He had been betrayed by K. Lomas (a fellow worker). The agents
wanted what Thomas had taken from the facility in order to get his wife and son back. When it became apparent to him they
would be used in biological experiments and were not going to be returned unharmed, he decided to get lost. That was over ten
years ago. How did Thomas get involved in all this covert intrigue? 
Thomas, now is his 50's was in his mid-twenties, when he received top secret training in photography at an underground facility
in West Virginia. For seven years he worked in high security photography in the Air Force. In 1971, he left and went to work
for the Rand Corp. in Santa Monica, California. In 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility. He bought a home in Santa
Fe, New Mexico, and worked Monday through Friday. He commuted to work via a deep underground tube-shuttle system. 
At this time, a fellow researcher was working security in Santa Fe, N.M. and was privately investigating UFO sightings, animal
mutilations, Masonic and Wicca groups in the area. Thomas had a mutual friend who came to Santa Fe in 1979 to visit both the
researcher and Thomas. This visitor later viewed the photos, the video tape, and documents taken from the Dulce Base.
Drawings were made from what was seen and later circulated in the UFO research community as the "Dulce Papers." 
Thomas alleges that there were over 18,000 short "greys" at the Dulce Facility, and that he saw reptilian humanoids. A
colleague had come face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had materialized in his house. The Reptoid showed an interest
in research maps of New Mexico and Colorado which were on the wall. The maps were full of colored push-pins and markers
to indicate sites of animal mutilations, caverns, locations of high UFO activity, repeated flight paths, abduction sites, ancient
ruins, and suspected alien underground bases. 
The multi-level facility at Dulce is reported to have a central HUB which is controlled by base security. The security level goes
up as one descends to lower levels. Thomas had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there may have
been more. Most of the aliens supposedly are on levels 5, 6 and 7 with alien housing on level 5. The only sign in English was
over the tube shuttle station hallway which read "to Los Alamos." Connections go from Dulce to the Page, Arizona facility, then
onto an underground base below Area 51 in Nevada. Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.; Datil,
N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creed, Colorado; Sandia' then on to Carlsbad, New Mexico. 
There appears to be a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the U.S. which extends into a global system of tunnels
and sub-cities. 
At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in the alien symbol language and a universal symbol system
understood by humans and aliens. Thomas stated that after the second level, everyone is weighed in the nude, then given a
uniform. Visitors are given off-white uniforms; jump suits with a zipper. The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card
each day. Any change in weight is noted; if over three pounds, a physical exam and X-ray is required. 
Scales are located in front of all sensitive areas and are built into the floor near doorways and the door control panels. An
individual places his computer I.D. card into the door slot, then enters a numerical code onto a keypad. The person's weight
and code must match the card or the door will not open. Any discrepancy will summon security. No one is allowed to carry
anything into sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in leaving sensitive
All elevators are controlled magnetically; there are no elevator cables. The magnetic system is inside the walls of the elevator
shaft, there are no normal electrical controls. Everything is controlled by advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no
regular light bulbs and the tunnels are illuminated by phosphorous units with broad structureless emission bands. Some deep
tunnels use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to temporarily illuminate areas. The aliens won't go near these areas for reasons
Level 1 contains the garage for street maintenance. Level 2 contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and
disc maintenance. The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and
dreams. Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an "alien entity"
life-force-matrix within a human body after removing the "soul" lifeforce-matrix of the human. 
Level 6 is privately called "Nightmare Hall." It holds the genetic labs, where experiments are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice
that are vastly altered from their original form. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages (and vats) of
humanoid bat-like creatures as tall as 7-feet. The aliens have taught the humans a lot about genetics; things both useful and
The Grey and reptoid species are highly analytical and technologically oriented. They have had ancient conflicts with the Nordic
humans from other space societies, and may be staging here for a future conflict. Intensely into computing and bio-engineering
sciences, they are led to doing reckless experiments without regard for what we consider to be ethical and empathetic conduct
toward other living creatures. 
Principal government organizations involved in mapping human genetics, the so-called genome projects, are within the
Department of Energy (which has a heavy presence on the Nevada Test Site); the National Institute of Health; the National
Science Foundation; the Howard Huges Medical Institute; and, of course, the Dulce Underground Labs which are run by the
DOE. Thomas had revealed that the chief of the genetic experiments for Los Alamos and Dulce is Larry Deaven. 
According to Thomas, the alien androgynal breeder is capable of parthenogenesis. At Dulce, the common form or reproduction
is by polyembryony. Each embryo can, and does divide into 6 to 9 individual "cunne" (pronounced cooney, i.e. siblings). The
needed nutriment for the developing cunne is supplied by the "formula," which usually consist of plasma, deoxyhemoglobin,
albumin, lysozyme, cation, amniotic fluid and more. The term "genome" is used to describe the totality of the chromosomes
unique to a particular organism (or any cell within an organism), as distinct from the genotype, which is the information contained
within those chromosomes. The human genes are mapped to specific chromosomal locations. This is an ambitious project that
will take years and a lot of computer power to accomplish. 
Is the alien and human BIO-TECH being used to nurture and serve us, or is it being used to control and dominate us? Why
have UFO abductees been used in genetic experiments? It was when Thomas encountered humans in cages on Level 7 of the
Dulce facility that things finally reached a climax for him. Row after row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains, and
embryos of humanoids were kept in cold storage. He says, "I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or
drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high-risk
drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to never speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in 1978 a
small group of workers discovered the truth. That began the Dulce wars." 
Thomas also says the aliens don't want the land, the gold, the minerals, or water that we posses, nor even the human or animal
life. What they do want is magnetic power that surges on and through the Earth. The aliens harvest this magic power in a way
unknown to us. Thomas says the aliens recognize this power as more valuable than any other commodity on our globe. 
It may be unpalatable to digest or believe Thomas' story. In fact, it seems like part of a living nightmare. There is evidence that
something strange does go on at Dulce. Does Thomas have the answer? There may be a terrible truth hidden behind the
continuing phenomena of UFO sightings, abductions, and animal mutilations. Our government intelligence agencies have had an
ongoing watchful eye on all UFO activities for many decades now. This extraordinary phenomenon must have an extraordinary
explanation. We may be only one outpost in a vast interstellar empire. 
Recently, researcher John Anderson went to Dulce, N.M., to see if there was any truth to the reported UFO activity. He says
as he arrived in town he saw a caravan of cars and a McDonell-Douglas mini-lab in a van going up a rural road near the town.
He followed them to a fenced-in compound where he waited to see further developments. Suddenly, six UFOs descended
rapidly over the compound, hovered long enough for him to snap a picture, then shot up and out of sight. When later stopping at
a store, he told the owner about the UFO photo he had taken, the store owner listened and revealed how he had been a victim
rancher of cattle mutes. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. The store owner told John to leave at once, then
after John went to his car, he saw a mysterious van drive up to the store and a man got out and went inside. John, deciding to
leave Dulce, was followed by two men in a car as he left town. 
Even more recently a research team has gone up to Archuleta Mesa to take soundings under the ground. Preliminary and
tentative computer analysis of these soundings seem to indicate deep cavities under the mesa. 
How long will the secret of Dulce, known to insiders as Section D, remain locked up inside the mute New Mexico mountains?