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UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations
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UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations

UFO Investigations

UFO Investigations

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 18:05:02 -0800 Wes Thomas Subject: [BIOWAR] SECRET MILITARY " I've been seeing anecdotal sky-spraying reports since mid-1997, but they've lacked conclusive evidence. The cited ENS report doesn't provide conclusive evidence either, but it does raise serious questions. What's needed are lab tests. Can someone track down the alleged Thomas Farmer? Contrary to Internet rumors, Aqua Labs in Ohio has not released ethylene dibromide test results, citing client confidentially when I asked them in mid 1997 (unless someone has an update). If these are U.S. military operations, one would expect them to be performed over approved test sites such as Dugway."From Ian Goddard Ian@Goddard.netDate: 1-31-99 The Environmental News Service reports that in remote regions of the U.S., fleets of jets are creating massive grid-work contrail pattern across the sky and apparently are also spraying some kind of substance out of their wing tips that seems to be making people deathly ill. The fleets of jets lay a grid-work pattern of contrails that expand and turn a once clear sky into an overcast, and then according to witnesses a "cobwebb" like material falls from the sky, which seems to make people very ill. One witness to these events goes so far as to suggest that with the secrecy said to surround these aerial activities and the illness they seem to induce in those on the ground, there is secret plan in the works for a mass culling of the human race (which United Nations population reports suggest is "too large", and the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights does stipulate that your right to life can be revoked if it's deemed to be "contrary to the purposes of the U.N.") Something huge is going on. In many regions, I can confirm that hospital emergency rooms are filled to overflowing with a sudden epidemic of acute respiratory patients suffering from something doctors cannot diagnose - and that is NOT the flu. Newspapers in Bakersfield, California are reporting jammed emergency rooms.Here's a typical story from a North Carolina newspaper: "FEELING ROTTEN? Outbreak of respiratory illnesses has doctors' offices full, but it's probably not the flu."by Rebecca Lentz, Staff Writer "Call it the creeping crud. Call it a virus. Call it whatever you'd like. But whatever it is, it's miserable. Adults and children alike are down for the count with the virus. Upper respiratory infections are keeping doctors' offices hopping and the hospital seeing record numbers of patients. "Medac, a walk-in clinic, has been busy with patients complaining of similar symptoms. New Hanover Regional's patient count has been at its highest level in history, with 503 of its available 504 inpatient beds filled on January, 7.
On Sunday, the patient count stood at 454. Even so, the majority of illnesses aren't influenza, health officials said."This much we know:

1. Reports of odd "contrails" are coming in from 22 states so far. Many sightings occurred months or years before this story was made public - prompting impromptu snapshots and video recordings and calls to the attention of friends and by-standers by people who are quite used to seeing commercial airplanes and normal contrails, and were astonished to see giant X's and grid-patterns woven "like Tic-tac-toe" by large aircraft criss-crossing the sky, often for hours over the same area.

2. These are not "contrails" being reported. The aircraft have been positively identified as USAF Boeing KC-135 and KC-10 air-to-air refueling aircraft spraying an unidentified substance from their tail-booms.

3. The observed tanker aircraft are not engaged in routine formation flying or air-to-air refueling. JP8 fuel inadvertently spilled or dumped to lower landing weights atomizes at jet speeds and does not fall as "cobwebs" observed by police officers and other reliable witnesses. Routine fuel dumping does not continue over hours by multiple aircraft weaving furrows over the same area until clear blue skies are completely hazed over.

4. Now occurring daily, this extremely expensive nationwide "spraying" is deliberate and laid down in specific patterns over hours.

5. These are not "cloud-seeding" activities as no clouds are present and local weather does not turn to rain immediately after these events.

6. In some notable cases, violent and unseasonal storms such as the recent flurry of "summer" tornadoes over Tennessee and heavy snowfall in Bakersfield, CA and Phoenix, AZ have occurred within days of documented (videotaped) spraying. Sharp "spikes" in power output from the USN/USAF "ionospheric heater" known has HAARP have were recorded just before last December's "horizontal snowstorm", localized around Turret Peak, AZ. These weather anomalies and "HAARP" may be related to aerial spraying using fast-dissolving, "smart plastic" polymers to catch HAARP's high- intensity radio waves to heat the atmosphere. Or these may be separate experiments.

7. What is definitely known and verifiable is that thousands, quite possibly tens of thousands of Americans, and perhaps more, are becoming ill enough to seek medical attention after these fly-overs, which are continuing at a stepped-up pace as I write.

PLEASE get back on your network right away and ask your conscientious subscribers to once again come through for all of us and bombard their Congressional representatives with an avalanche of faxes and e-mails and phone calls demanding an immediate Senate and House investigation into the deliberate large-scale spraying currently going on across America. This is a national emergency. Thank you, and all Americans concerned for the fate of their children and their country. God bless you all, William Thomas Independent Investigative Journalist.
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 01:20:12 - 0500 From: Clarence Napier Subject: A warning to all. (CONTRAILS UPDATE) I have a sad story to tell you, the man who lives next door to me has a chair out side his door, and he likes to come out side to read his news paper, I can see him from my window every day, but his wife told me she had to put Frank in the hospital last Thursday, night 1/21/99, because he couldn't breathe, as you all have seen all over the USA how they are laying these contrails, and how the contrails spread in the wind. I was concerned about Frank, so I stopped, and ask his wife how he is doing, her reply was Frank is dying, and is back in intensive care. Any one who receives this message, keep your eyes open, and watch the skies for these contrails, and when you see them try to stay in doors.
They started laying these contrails here in Phoenix, AZ. the day after Christmas, and before they stopped the sky was completely over cast. I tried to warn every one, very few listened, and now we have had a lot of people here in Phoenix sick, when Frank came out doors to read his News paper, he was exposed to all the fall out from these contrails. I am going to miss Frank.
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 13:13:40 +0000
From: Sue
I am posting this because of personal experience. Last week there were jet contrails all over the sky above Prescott. A day later it started snowing, and the snow was BLUE when it started coming down! I thought it was blue confetti, but as it kept falling it turned white. A couple of days later half of the population of Prescott was sick.
From: Elora Gabriel
Subject: Contrails.
"Earlier today I sent you the info about what's in the contrails. It may be, however, that the contents of the contrails varies. I say this because there are a number of reports of people getting respiratory infections. Some seem to get the chemical poisoning, some get infections. Maybe in some cases there are pathogens being dispersed as well. In any case, you are free to post this information. -- Elora There is a woman in Seattle named Patricia Zapatka who is willing and very probably able to help anyone who has been exposed to the toxic jet contrails. Patricia is a practitioner of electrodermal screening and highly intuitive as well. If you have been exposed, you can send her a sample of your saliva, and she will make a specific remedy for you that will detoxify your body. The remedy will be based upon whatever toxins, pathogens, etc., she finds when she tests your saliva. Patricia is experienced at working with a wide range of toxins, viruses, etc, etc.
She can be reached at: Patricia Zapatka , 206-329-1050, Energy Works , 1500 Eastview Avenue East, Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98012.
I have talked with her about this situation and she is willing to work with people. I don't know exactly what her fees are, but they are reasonable. Let us all keep sharing information about what's happening here, and hopefully we can protect ourselves, and help those who have already been affected." The lab director of Aqua-tech Environmental using samples taken from JP-8 contaminated fields of Maryland and Pennsylvania, reported today (9/18/97) that ethylene dibromide, otherwise known as EDB, has been the contaminate in the fuel and water samples submitted by farmers, pilots and tanker drivers. EDB is one of the most tightly controlled EPA substances and was banned in 1983 due to its carcinogenieity. EDB is a pesticide that apparently is being placed in the jet fuel and dispersed on a daily, almost non-stop basis in our skies. The lines filling our skies are not contrails. The lines are dispersed and may linger for hours, slowly filtering down to unsuspecting pests, and I guess we're the PESTS.
by Tommy L. Farmer (
1/21/99 Dot, Here in the Tri-cities we had heavy contrails on the 11th, 12th, 13, 15, 17, 18, and 19th.
We have light spraying today (20th). There's going to be some nasty weather somewhere.
Tommy [Note: the Tri-Cities are in upper East Tennessee - Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol]
YES, Tommy - they have been very active spraying in Knoxville especially on Monday when they were not just making one or two X's but a whole series of them - all across Knoxville!!!!
Reported by Carolyn Carney ( "I live north of San Antonio about 15 miles and yesterday in the early afternoon I was outside talking to a friend and looked up in the sky and was shocked to see the sky to the north and somewhat over me streaked with contrails. I hate to say hundreds but there were so many that they seemed to cover the sky and were run together. I know there must have been 20+. I was alarmed, but I do know that in my 50+ years I have never seen anything like it, I pray it was not something harmful. I wonder if anyone in Texas noticed anything like that recently? I am in the area where the trainers from Randolph AFB cross, plus I believe a flight path to San Antonio Airport and also near an "assault landing strip" on Camp Bullis, but still I have never seen something like that happen before. I guess I was so busy that I never noticed the planes that were making the contrails.
from Don and Kandy Hall (
"Hi. My name is Don. I live in Central Oregon. We are ranchers. It happened two years ago - me and my wife were in bed and was awaken by very loud sounds. It sounded like a huge helicopter or bomber plane. Well, what was funny is we heard this very loud aircraft and it sounded like it was going very slow-to-slow. It scared my wife terribly. She thought we went to war. After about 10 min., it started to fade away. Now here is what's strange. We live way out in the desert CV. Central Oregon - the population is 750 households. The closest town is a small town 65 miles away and grocery shopping is 100 miles away. Back to the event. I got up the morning after right after the sun comes up. It was cloudy and starting to rain so we didn't get to see a beautiful sunrise. I went out to start my truck and I had to pop the hood for some reason. When I lifted the hood I noticed the water from the rain did not run down the hood so I touched it and it was like see-through jello. Looked kind of crystally. I told my wife and she freaked. She had watched a program on TV months before about a spraying in Washington. Since then I have had problems with my tummy and joints, etc. The Docs say I'm OK, but I'm not. I live in pain every day and now can't afford to go to a specialist that they want me to go to. I have samples of it and have had larvae, cloud seed, pesticide, and fertilizer ruled out. Due to farming and weather techniques, no lab or state programs will test it let alone want to trust any one with it. Unless I am there to watch it, our county here is desolate and strange things have happened. We here trucks coming through in the middle of the night hauling ass. They are unmarked. We had a huge radar site operational and they came in and tore it down. It's just a little building now and a pile of iron that you would need a crane to move. But they still guard it. They laid off all the town guards. There's a lot I could tell you. We are not crazy. We are a well-known ranch. This is what is happening here. Thank you, DON
PS: Since this has happened, I've have been investigating a lot of things and am in shock. I also now talk on a radio station, free to this small community, so thank you for the good news you are putting out there.

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