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UFOs? Alien Abductions? Government Cover-up? Military Secrecy? Chemtrails? N.W.O.? Roswell? Area-51? Alien Implants? Crop Circles?

UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations UFO Investigations UFO Investigations

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UFO Investigations
UFO Investigations UFO Investigations UFO Investigations

UFO Investigations
You've read about it, Now see it for yourself! My long anticipated video documentary,
(a UFO story)
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**INFINITY** is committed to nonfunded Research and Investigations of unexplained phenomenon such as UFO encounters and Alien Abductions. It is very clear that these issues can no longer be ignored or dismissed as simple imagination or fabrications. The overwhelming evidence coupled with the staggering number of reports made by ordinary, sane, credible people from all walks of life and in every part of the world confirms the validity of their experiences. UFO Encounters and Alien Abductions must be acknowledged and taken seriously!

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